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Parents never giveup

Like all parents, I wanted to provide a joyful experience to my kids while celebrating our Indian festivals, provide something to our kids to make them participate actively. However there weren’t many quality options. I didn’t want to give up and couldn’t resist myself to bridge that gap. I have put together a young and passionate team to present Indian traditions, culture, festivities, our roots, and heritage in a contemporary and straightforward format that appeals to the current generation.

Simple solutions have lasting impact

Festive is a simple and honest attempt to bridge that gap. Our mission is to bring a curated collection of products made with exquisite quality, helps celebrate India, its festivals, traditions, culture, and our heritage, and provides a simply joyful experience.

Passionate research

While it looks effortless on the surface, we did a lot of intense research in the last two years. Our Festive team has talked to children of different age groups and parents from various demographics to understand what can be done and how it needs to be done in a simple yet powerful way. We brainstormed what products need to be created and how simple they must be while ensuring it’s modern.

Intentionally crafted

All our products are intentionally crafted to stimulate interest in knowing more about India, its festivals, traditions, culture, and heritage. We envision our illustrated story books may be the first ones a mom or dad want to read to their new born kids or have one if their grownup kid read it on their own, our activity books may be the first ones a kid may scribble with and have fun, our do it yourself products maybe the first of its kind to kindle that interest and make them feel an active part of festival celebration.
Our commitment is that we will never think of creating a product that we will not use ourselves.

We are confident that we will be loved

It is tough to do what we have set ourselves to do unless there is a passion and commitment. We are conscious enough not to get lost in passion as well. We are a team of practical people trying to be nimble and working towards one objective, focusing on executing what matters the most one step at a time. We are confident that we will be appreciated. We are convinced that people will get hooked to our brand as time goes by, and we will be loved for what we have set ourselves to do.

We need your help to make kids happy

Yes, we know that you must have fallen in love with our passion and commitment already. But that’s not enough, so spread the word, share our story with your loved ones. Also, don’t forget to pre-order our do-it-yourself Ganesha and upcoming collection of books



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