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HQ stands for headquarters, we looked for a domain name that is just one word and easy to remember, but we couldn’t find one that’s just one word, so we went with On brighter side, it resembles our intent to be the headquarters for spreading joy around.

We launched Festive with a unique goal to introduce Indian traditions, culture, and heritage in a fun and interesting way that's contemporary to current generation. After we have decided to do this, we did talk to children and parents to understand best possible ways to make an experience joyful, we learned it generally fits in to one of these categories –story time, do it yourself projects, board games and contests.

With that understanding, we brainstormed about products and experiences that fit into that category and help celebrate our traditions & culture for many of our festivals. We have come up with two exquisite collections of Illustrated story books and an eco-friendly Do it yourself Festive Ganesha product. We intend to come up with many more products and experiences that will help celebrate our Indian traditions, culture, and heritage in a contemporary way.

We launched Festive out of our passion and love for Indian culture, traditions, and heritage. Our motive is to present it in a simple, fun, and contemporary format to current generation of children. Though we launched it out of our passion, we understand the need to make it commercially successful so we can sustain and deliver value at scale.

We learnt how children are genuinely fascinated to explore and connect with western culture during that time of Christmas festivities in and around the city, most of it is because children were made part of the festivities, there are so many products and experiences available in a contemporary format to celebrate western festivals. When we looked for availability of such products and experiences for celebrating Indian festivals, we have not found a one stop shop. If we have to make a simple do it yourself product, we have to shop around to buy different pieces from different stores and put them all together for our kids & family members to have that joyful experience, which essentially forced us to buy things we do not need in some cases, we ended up spending more than we are supposed in most cases, sometimes it also lead to an experience we were not that satisfied with.

So, we thought of creating one to cater to that need and were inspired with this learning to find a unique way to reveal our Indian traditions, culture, and heritage in a contemporary format that's fun and joyful to experience.

We have physical offices in Dallas, Texas, USA and Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Our team members are spread around in India and around the world, we are truly a diverse team that came together from different backgrounds for a common goal.

Though all our products are made & packaged in India, our products are currently available only in North America (USA, Canada) for now, this is partly due to COVID-19 and partly due to our expertise in handling last mile delivery logistics. We are making every effort in our hand to make our products available in India and other countries, we plan to expand our presence to India and other countries starting 2023.

Festive products are available for ordering online on our website –, If you want to make our products available in your nearest retail stores, schools, libraries, please advise corresponding management to reach out to us, we will be happy to assist them with wholesale orders. If you are interested in bulk orders, please signup here and once we verify and approve, you can place order online here for bulk orders.

Please note that we do not intend to make any of our products available on Amazon and other storefronts.

Our primary objective is to serve children of Indian origin between 0 to 12 years with our current portfolio of our products. All our books can be read by anyone who is interested to learn about Indian traditions, culture and heritage, our intent is to bring these books into schools and libraries around the world to enhance understanding of India and its rich heritage, presented in a simple yet contemporary way that’s joyful to read and helps foster diversity and inclusion.

Please email us at, we will promptly respond within 24 hours.

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