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Kickstarter Campaigns 


We have a lofty goal to spread joy to children and families with our products. We know it’s difficult to accomplish but we think it’s possible if we can make our customers part of our product design process, hence we are planning to launch Kickstarter campaigns for most of our upcoming products to understand the potential interest and to get upfront feedback on our future endeavors, it will not only help us stay practical while execution but also helps us incorporate the feedback while designing our products and stay relevant to our customers.

If you like what we are trying to accomplish, please subscribe here and be a part of pre-launch team so we can keep you posted as soon as we launch a Kickstarter campaign.

Here is an upcoming Kickstarter campaign, we plan to launch as soon we receive sufficient interest from you all.


FESTIVE –   A contemporary digital magazine subscription about India for children around the world

Home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, India has a glorious past and a vibrant culture. It is the birthplace of several religions like Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism. People following different faiths have lived harmoniously for decades creating a unique civilization and culture. Words can seldom do justice to the glorious past and the current culture. We at Festive are trying to showcase the best of India to the Indian diaspora living in India and around the world, wishing to connect with its root and the global audience also.

Most Indian parents can correlate to the thrill of travelling to their ancestral towns during summer holidays. Such travels were incomplete without children’s magazines like Chandamama, Tinkle, Nandan and Champak to name a few. Our parents ensured to buy us these books from the small bookstalls at the bus stations or railway stations. Sadly, in this era of globalization, many of these publications have shut down and the future generation is getting deprived to connect with their culture and civilizations. As a part of growing endeavor, we intend to release a monthly digital magazine focusing exclusively on India, and the various facets of Indian culture and we plan to run at least 60 issues over a period of 5 years on a monthly release cycle. Our intent is to bring you the best of Indian culture in a contemporary format that appeals to today’s generation.

As you can see from our work, we are collaborating with the best storytellers, artists, illustrators, designers, we are genuinely excited about this project, and we intend to create contemporary content for more topics like folk art, dance, handicrafts, tourist spots from different states in India. We plan to come up with activities, contests and so much more to nurture interest in addition to the digital magazine itself. We are looking for your support in our endeavor to showcase the best of India to people across the globe in a contemporary format that is joyful to read.

Please subscribe here if you are interested to back this Kickstarter campaign and be a part of pre-launch team. We will keep you posted as soon as we launch a Kickstarter campaign for this endeavor.


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