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Our Story

Festive is lovingly started from the culmination of thoughts and joyful personal experiences. It’s an honest attempt to bring a curated collection of products that will help cherish our Indian tradition and culture through the joyful moments we all experienced during our festivals.

Festivals are meant to celebrate life within and around us. It is the time to be cheerful and spread joy around. Creating these joyful moments during our festivals was once natural, but now we think it’s becoming mundane as most of us are going global and moving towards an urban lifestyle. Many are losing the connection to our culture and slowly realizing the need to introduce the future generation to our culture, traditions, and festivals so they can understand the essence of celebration and experience joy.

We believe the old traditions of India and the stories behind each of our festivals have a wealth of knowledge that can be revealed in a fun and exciting way by investing in remnant experts, that’s what we are aiming to do at Festive, we are partnering with artisans, designers, storytellers to curate products that will provide joyful experiences in an eco-friendly, sustainable, natural, and traditional way yet contemporary to the current generation.

We at festive hope you all like our honest attempt and the products we bring forward from here onward. Happy shopping for a simply joyful experience!

Thank you

Team Festive

Meet the team




graphic designer

Ishan Trivedi

illustrator and storyteller

Bhakt Ranjan

sculptor and digital artist

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