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We have an exciting news for the tech-savvy generation who are quick to embrace new technologies and platforms. We plan to launch Festive Avatars NFT collection in Q4 of 2022 with the aim to promote awareness about Indian culture, traditions, festivals, monuments, epics, history, tourist spots, cuisine, folk art and craft, inspiring personalities, and more. We believe that our culture is an integral part of our identity and expression. We are conceptualizing Festive Avatars NFT collection to help express our culture in a unique, authentic way to appeal to the next generation.

These limited-edition NFTs will not only capture myriad shades of our vibrant culture, but also let you be part of an exclusive community centered around celebrating, discovering and sharing experiences about Indian culture. The first drop of these limited-edition NFTs will be released in Q4 of 2022, We plan to reach our audience via crowdfunding campaign in Q3 of 2022 to spread a word and get upfront feedback on our endeavor.

Your support is pivotal as it would provide an ideal launchpad for Festive Avatars NFT project and help in spreading awareness. Your trust in our endeavor will encourage us to launch several exciting products showcasing different facets of Indian festivals, culture, and heritage.

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Avatars NFT Collection

Crowdfunding Campaign

Coming Soon on


Start on : Q3 of 2022

Launch Date

Q4 of 2022

What makes the Festive Avatars NFT Collection Special?

  • Original artworks by celebrated artists
  • Unique and first of its kind collectibles
  • Authentic and stay true to the roots
  • Let’s you be a part of an exclusive community
  • Gets you access to exclusive Events & Celebrations
  • Simple to buy/collect/trade
  • No AI/automated artworks

Don’t know what an NFT is, and how it’s relevant?

  • Don’t worry, we plan to help you navigate thru each and every step
  • Subscribe to get notified and stay tuned to this page, we will update you with information as we make progress in our journey.
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