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Marriage of Shiva and Sati

Marriage of Shiva and Sati

  • 26 July, 2022
  • Festive HQ

Daksha was not happy with the marriage proposal. He protested. “How can I choose a life of misery for my daughter?” he said. “Shiva is a nomad with no material possessions. Sati deserves a better husband, who can provide her with the finest luxuries of life.”

Lord Brahma replied, “Sati was destined to become the wife of Lord Shiva. You cannot change her destiny. She wants to marry Lord Shiva, and he has sent a formal marriage proposal. Your daughter will be delighted if you agree to this marriage proposal.”

Daksha agreed to the marriage proposal reluctantly. As he began preparations for a grand wedding, Lord Brahma conveyed the good news to Lord Shiva. On the auspicious day of the marriage, several gods arrived at Mount Kailash Parbat to congratulate Lord Shiva. They joined his marriage procession and danced with joy.

Daksha welcomed Lord Shiva and his guests. He was surprised at Lord Shiva’s transformation. He looked regal and handsome. Lord Shiva and Sati solemnized their marriage according to the Vedic traditions. All the guests were happy to witness the union of the divine couple. They left after wishing the couple eternal marital bliss.

An emotional Sati bade farewell to her parents and accompanied Lord Shiva to Mount Kailash. 


Lord Shiva and Sati sat on Lord Shiva’s loyal bull, and began their journey towards Mount Kailash. The happy Shiv ganas* danced with joy as they followed their master. When they reached the mountain, Lord Shiva helped Sati to step on the ground.

Lord Shiva summoned all his ganas, and said, “I wish to stay here alone with Devi Sati. You may travel wherever you want. I will call you back when I need you.”

The ganas left the couple and traveled to distant lands. Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati were happy to enjoy each other’s company.

Lord Shiva often surprised Goddess Sati with beautiful gifts that he had crafted himself. He would make a garland of flowers and put it around her neck like a necklace. Sometimes, he would tease her by disappearing, only to appear behind her when she got worried. They explored the exquisite and tranquil landscapes.

Lord Shiva could not stay away from Goddess Sati even for a moment. He would get anxious if she wasn’t around him. He felt complete in her company. Lord Shiva and Goddess Sati stayed in this bliss for years. Eventually, they decided to re-join the world and resume their duties. Lord Shiva called his ganas to Mount Kailash.

*Servants of Lord Shiva 

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